Production Consulting

Many artists record and produce their own music these days – and don’t have the budget to hire a producer for an entire album or even an entire track.  For DIY artists who want another set of ears and experienced perspective on their work, we offer hourly production consulting services.

Services are provided by Justin Leighton Long, who has over a decade of experience planning the gear and layout for live performance environments and recording studios of all sizes – from small, affordable home recording setups to mega-church sound systems.

Gear Consultation
Get advice on what to buy, how to set it up, and how to avoid common mistakes in your studio.

Studio Sound Treatment and Layout
Get help with determining where and how to locate instruments, and how to select and install sound treatment in your studio.

Help with Structure, Arrangement and Instrumentation
Bring out the maximum “radio” potential of a song, or just bring out the song’s maximum emotional impact. (This is often the job of a producer, which can often cost upwards of $1000/song.)

How to Get Good Sounds
Get advice on how to mic a drum kit, how to get a good guitar sound, which microphone to use for your singer.

Band Facilitation
Have a neutral, experienced third party help band members come to creative agreement during the recording process.

Vocal Production
Together with the technical vocal help of a voice instructor from Performance High, bring out the best in your singer both technically and emotionally.

Selecting Parts and Effects
Get help picking extra parts and effects to bring polish to your mix.

Mix Consulting
Get an expert set of ears on your mix after you’ve heard it so many times your ears are tired.  Get help troubleshooting a muddy or thin-sounding mix.