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Adrienne OsbornOwner and Founder
Adrienne Osborn
Owner and Founder
I started Performance High Vocal Training – not Performance High Music Studios – in Boulder in 2009.  At first a single-teacher studio, it grew quickly to include several other voice teachers and a second location in Denver.
During these years, I performed with many different bands and played with many musicians.  (I still do.)  There’s no better way to get to know how well someone holds up under pressure than to see what they do when things go wrong at the last minute at an important show – which seems to happen more often than it should.  And there’s no better way to learn how reliable and professional someone is than to be in a band with them.  
Over the years, I made sure to keep close with the people who had the whole package – great music skills, an enjoyable personality, a professional and businesslike attitude, grace under pressure, and above all, reliability.  Sometimes I was even in multiple bands with the same people because we loved playing with and being around each other so much.
In 2016, Justin – one of these musicians – and I decided it was time to expand.  We have the space (three studios), we have the great teachers, we have the history, we have the infrastructure.  Why not offer lessons on musical instruments as well as on vocals?
So we did.  We started this sister school, Performance High Music Studios. 

Who are we?

We are active musicians in the Colorado music scene.  We are in bands.  We write songs.  We play shows.  We have done national tours, and we have played countless bars and parties until 1:30 in the morning.  We’re in it with you, so we know the ups and downs of the industry intimately.  Across our team we have skills that include all types of popular vocals, band coaching, songwriting, song production, audio engineering/recording, mixing, mastering, live sound, artist development, stage skills for solo artists and bands, and several instruments.  We often team up so that a given student can work with whatever combination of teachers best fits their needs.

What do we do?

We help people grow into their potential, using music as the vehicle.
Yes – we do teach music theory, practice techniques, and reading tabs and music.  But mainly, we teach growth.  We teach belief in self.  We teach possibility.  We teach opportunity.

Why do we do what we do?

Because we love to!
We feel lucky to help enable and foster the transformations that we see in so many of our students.  We’ve seen pre-teens grow up to have their own full bands, we’ve seen teenagers graduate and move to Nashville and LA, we’ve seen twenty-somethings spread wings and pursue dreams, we’ve seen adults return to a music career after a long hiatus.  But the most rewarding changes are internal:  We see confidence grow, happiness increase, and we see boundaries pushed.  There is nothing more meaningful than being able to help these things happen.  We often end up becoming mentors, cheerleaders, or long-term friends of our students.

Who do we work with?

We work with all ages starting with pre-teens, and all levels starting from beginning singers.  Our students have dreams, and are motivated to reach them.  Some people are trying lessons for the first time; others come to us because they feel like they’re not making the progress they want elsewhere, and they’re ready to level up; others are self-taught and ready for a push.

What next?

If you’re interested in learning more, just contact us
– Adrienne
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