Drum Lessons

Drums are the true foundation of a band.  Similar to building a house, if your foundation isn’t solid, nothing on top of it can be solid.  But when a band has a rock-solid drummer, everything feels and sounds great!

Would you like to learn to play drums so you can be that rock-solid foundation for a band?  Would you like to learn a few basic rock grooves so you can get out in the scene and start playing soon?  Would you like to expand your horizons beyond the typical pop, rock, and funk grooves and find your own voice as a drummer?  Would you like to learn how to fine-tune your rhythm so that even a sparse four-on-the-floor pattern makes people nod their heads in time and start dancing?

Whether you’re looking to begin playing drums or take your drumming to the next level, our drum teacher Erik will work with you to not only understand your goals but to make practicing toward them fun.

Beginning Topics

  • Learn the most popular beats within a few lessons.
  • Learn correct form to avoid repetitive injury.
  • Learn how to tune your drums so your sounds fit well with the rest of the band.
  • Learn how to play to get the best sounds out of your kit.
  • Learn how to create drum fills with style and taste.
  • Discover how to create awesome drum covers.
  • Understand the role of other instruments so your playing is always tasteful.

Advanced Topics

  • Learn how to develop a deeper pocket that supports your band and makes the entire band sound better.
  • Learn new ways to work with your bass player.
  • Understand advanced rhythms and polyrhythms.
  • Identify and fix technique or movement issues that are holding you back from the next level.
  • Expand and perfect your technique.
  • Learn to combine different styles of into your own musical voice.
  • Learn the music theory behind drumming.
  • Develop a musical sense that will keep your playing constantly fresh.

Rates: You can take lessons at whatever frequency you like, but weekly lessons give you the best progress and keep up your momentum.  Consequently, we offer reduced rates for weekly lessons.  Click here for more information.

Availability:  Varies. Please inquire.

Location:  Denver.

Our Drum Teacher, Erik

Drum Lessons
Drum Lessons

About Erik

Erik Martin is a drummer and instructor who specializes in teaching many styles including rock, pop, jazz, hip hop, country, funk, metal, Latin and electronic. He has been teaching students of all ages and skill levels for many years. He has created a unique and enjoyable drumming experience by including fun games, musical exploration, and engaging practice routines. Erik is accredited by the Drummer’s Collective in New York City, one of the top drumming schools in the world.
Erik is currently performing with the progressive rock group Mosaic and the electronic/pop/hip hop group SkyLaw. The breadth of these two projects shows his diversity and his ability to adapt to any style of music. He has also created his own successful Youtube channel with over 60 drum covers and instructional videos, accumulating over 30,000 views. He encourages and supports his students in marketing and expanding their talents through the internet.