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Bass Lessons
Bass Lessons
Bass Lessons
Bass Lessons

The bass guitar is the glue of the band.  It’s both a rhythm instrument and a harmonic instrument, tying the drums and the rest of the band together.  Any solid bass player will tell you it’s the bassist – not the drummer – who’s responsible for shaking booties on the dance floor.

Would you like to learn to play bass so you can shake the room with your grooves?  Would you like to learn how to create more interesting bass lines than just using root-3rd-5th?  Would you like to learn how to fine-tune your rhythm so that even simple quarter-note pedaling exerts a magnetic pull on the room?  Or can you do all this already, and you’re ready to dive deeper into musical theory to be a better jazz bass player?

If you’re looking to begin playing bass, or to take your bass playing to the next level, Tyler can help you acquire the skills and practice routines to get where you want to go with the electric bass guitar.

Whether it’s learning to play the bass line for your favorite rock, country, jazz, or soul tune, preparing for school audition, or creating your own bass lines, Tyler can help you get there.

He can help to impart seemingly complex music theory in an easy-to-grasp way, provide fun rudiments to practice to hone your rhythm playing, and help give you tools for coming up with sweet bass lines your band will love.

Topics for Beginning Students:

  • Learn where notes are on the fretboard so you can jam with a band within just a few weeks.
  • Learn how to use arpeggios to create interest beyond just playing the root note.
  • Learn how scales can make your bass playing more interesting.
  • Learn how to tune your bass and tweak your amp settings to get a tone you love… without a single pedal.
  • Learn how to get the best tone out of your notes by changing how you touch the strings.

Topics for Advanced Students:

  • Expand and perfect your technique.
  • Learn to combine different styles of into your own musical voice.
  • Learn the music theory behind bass playing.
  • Develop a musical sense that will keep your playing constantly fresh.
  • Understand the role of other instruments so your playing is always tasteful.

Rates: You can take lessons at whatever frequency you like, but weekly lessons give you the best progress and keep up your momentum.  Consequently, we offer reduced rates for weekly lessons.  Click here for more information.

Availability:  Afternoons, as well as some nights and weekends.

Location:  Denver.

Bass Lessons
Bass Lessons
Bass Lessons

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Bass Lessons

About Tyler

Tyler Morse has been a Denver-based bass player for over a decade, providing bass lines for local original bands as Adrienne O and Strawberry Runners. His favorite show so far has been playing at Red Rocks Amphitheatre with Strawberry Runners.  He also does session work and subs for various different cover and original bands in the Denver area.